Nudura is an exciting new modular system of building that not only speeds up the construction process but offers unbeatable insulation so that your new house, extension or even shed – is cheaper and easier to heat.  Island Timber and Building Materials Ltd is the local distributor for this incredible product both here on the island and in the North of England.

Imagine the strength of a reinforced concrete structure coupled with the insulation of 2 fire retardant polystyrene skins.  Then imagine that it looks exactly like a traditionally built structure because it has plasterboard or timber on the inside and render, stone or timber cladding on the outside.  The Nudura system provides the ideal solution for new builds, extensions, summer houses, porches.  It is quicker to build than traditional construction and can fit seamlessly into a stone-built cottage or a modern bungalow.

Associated company, Greenland Construction Limited (tel: 825680), has all the staff trained in the construction techniques for this revolutionary system. There are a growing number of properties on the island which have been built using Nudura and many of our clients are happy to show off their finished buildings and discuss any questions you might have.

Give us a call on 825680 and we’ll arrange to meet and show you exactly why this would be the best material for your needs.  Or,to find out more about technical specifications of this innovative and cost-effective building process, please visit the Nudura website.

nudura pics